Thursday, September 5, 2013

Raising A Strong-Willed Child- pt. 2...

The first post on this topic is here if you missed it.
Life is difficult with a kid who presses you at every turn. 
And usually I'm at a loss as to what to do. 
Just. Lost.
But as I've prayed for discernment and wisdom, God spoke to my heart this morning.
My son, as usual, started his day with, "I am so bored.  This family is stupid.
I wish this wasn't my family."
what to do with that?!
well, I'm hoping this morning's wisdom  from God  {not me!} will help.
I called my son to the computer and sat him down to look over and choose a child from Compassion International to sponsor.
He chose a boy his own age from Africa.
{I am trusting the Lord to provide that extra $ each month, as He is faithful!}
I'm wanting him to see the life of this sweet boy and learn giving, compassion, gratitude and the spirit of Christ through it.
I am wanting to bless another child who is not so blessed as my own son, to let him know he is loved, prayed for and give him hope.
Will this make every day from here on out with
my own son easier?
probably not.
But perhaps a seed has been planted to look outside of himself and into the heart others.
Have you found something in your own walk with a strong-willed child that has helped?  If so, please share!
p.s. after doing this, he asked me if he could make my coffee for me and serve it to me.  progress? yes,  I take ever ounce of hope the Lord wants to show me~
even in the form of lukewarm, weak coffee from a boy who is trying.
that my friends, makes this mama's heart overflow.


Anonymous said...

Mandy, you are so right on. Keep seeking God's wisdom moment by moment. And you are very right in accepting his offer to make coffee as evidence of his heart's efforts. It's no picnic for these kids either. God is building mighty men.

JennKaye said...

This and the previous post are great! My son is only 7, but I wonder everyday, if I will be able to raise him to be a kind well balanced child! Some of what you say sounds so familiar! We really should get together one of these days!

Eunora said...

Mandy, I know you pray. I began praying specifically against the spirit of rebellion (for that is what I believe the roots of such things are). Although I rotated through other areas of prayer, this one was prayed daily along with the others. James 5:16 the faithful prayer of a righteous man availeth much. His word does not return void. And when it dawned on me (much later) that I was seeing a positive change in the area of rebellion, I sought my son out and told him so and how proud I was at how he was allowing the Lord to change him. Lots of prayer. Lots of encouragement in that which is done well. And when I fail him, when I speak to him disrespectfully, I am purposing to apologize and confess that I too err.

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