Wednesday, July 2, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things {kids edition}...

The kids just watched Sound Of Music recently, so I am inspired to share some favorite things of late.

The Squire and the Scroll: A Tale of the Rewards of a Pure Heart
this is such a wonderful story.  It had Biblical principles told through an engaging story of adventure.  

Avonlea (1990) Poster

I watched it as a child, we have already watched it as a family a few yrs ago and want to watch again.   It is based on a book by the same author as Anne Of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery, and aired on the Disney channel originally put out by Sullivan Entertainment.  All my kids have loved it.

3} Oh My gosh, I LOVE these clothes at Little Sky.  Granted, I can't actually AFFORD any of them, but it's fun!
Alice N. Dress

Cream Camille C. Dress

and my fav:

Sweet Cream Prairie Dress

Picture of Sticker Dressing Second World War
my kids absolutely love these high quality sticker books.  My only complaint is that they are not reusable, but they have so many fun titles that are educational and beautifully done. 

Picture of Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing Country Estate

Picture of Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing Victorian Fashion IR

Picture of Sticker Dressing Knights

5}watermelon spritzers!
the kids loved these last yr with our own tweaks, but here is a recipe similar...
{Picture from her site as well}
with temps over 100 here the last few days and continuing, I will be making these tomorrow :)

Hope your summer is wonderful! 

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thetwistedruffle said...

isn't the heat horrible? i hate it! we have gone to the $3 theatre a few times this week just to escape the heat. you're a posting machine lately!

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