Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Curriculum 2014-2015

Well, it's almost that time of year again!
I am excited to get back into routine and have some cooler, beautiful Oregon Autumn weather.
I have most of our school year figured out, but I have yet to sit down and write it out, that's what August is for ;)
We will be starting school the week following Labor day.

Last year was the first year I can honestly say we all loved the curriculum we used so we will be sticking with it again this year.

this year we will be in year 2, Paths of Settlement.
The curriculum for this year is geared for 4th-6th grade, and I only have 1 kid that actually fits in that range.
BUT, I will just have my 3rd grader do most of the 4th grade work, but not all, and I purchased the middle school supplement for my 8th grader.   My first grader will just do what he wants and finds interesting {i.e. the nature studies}.

For math this year my 2 oldest kids will be trying out Teaching Textbooks.  We have never used this before but I am thrilled to have them learning on the computer without my involvement. 
the third grader will be sticking with Rod & Staff math for now.

The only part of the Trail Guide series I didn't love last year was the spelling, so all kids will be trying out the Phonetic Zoo by IEW.

In addition, each kid will do a daily grammar page from Evan Moore and we will be adding in some 'extras' here and there along the way with art and science.
the 3rd grader will continue doing some Explode the Code along with my 1st grader.
The 1st grader found some Star Wars workbooks at Fred Meyer and begged for them, and well, since I wasn't sure what I was doing for him yet anyways I just bought those.  I'm sure they're not the *best* I could be using, but he's excited about them and I take school pretty light the first years anyhow. 

Happy Planning!
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Alicia Hutchinson said...

I have never looked into the Trail Guide curriculum. I said I was doing Tapestry of Grace, but now I'm torn. THanks for sharing your list!

thetwistedruffle said...

i've never heard of trail guide....but you made it sound good! how are you? we should chat!!

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