Thursday, October 22, 2009

In The Beginning...

Well here it is...

Welcome to my blog family and friends!

I am starting this blog as a way to document my crazy , hectic and very blessed life. I love to remind myself that it is those "little things" that matter most and by blogging I hope to preserve that. This also an effort to share with family and friends what is going on with us since we have such a fascinating life everyone is so curious about. The previous sentence was a joke. Unless your idea of fascinating includes wondering how many diapers and "accidents" you can clean up a day. Then you will love this!

And I am sure you will find a wealth of information here. Such as...the amazing assortment of food that can be thrown onto the floor in one sitting, the fun things I pull out of pockets in the wash, the best ways to disguise the boogers you wiped off your child's nose that are now on your only clean shirt,etc. etc.

Oh and I am pretty knowledgeable in all matters of breastfeeding, in case that is of relevance to you.

For the sake of my overprotective psychosis my kids will be known on this blog as monkey #1 #2 #3 And #4. Please use this unbreakable secret code if you comment.

My hubby will be known as honey. Because he is even more neurotic than me.

God Bless, Mandy

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