Thursday, October 22, 2009


Day one of blog life. Hmmm. I believe that this will become a sort of random thoughts thingy where I can recapture all the days little happenings and my thoughts. And looky , I already have a follower!!! Thanks Dena, your $20.00 is in the mail ;)

Monkey A ( I think I will switch this to monkey A, Monkey B, monkey C and Monkey T to correlate with their secret names. And yes I know we screwed up the whole vibe by not naming Monkey T a 'D' name. But I digress), so Monkey A says to me "Are the guys on baseball cards just the really famous ones?"

I say " ALL of them aren't necessarily really famous, just major league players."

Monkey A : " Watch, I'll be on a card one day" :)

you never know...

Another point of this blog is to force me to take everyday snapshots.

I used to be great @ this, not so much now that I've gone "pro".

Because my snapshots look like...well, SNAPSHOTS. And this frustrates me. But now I pledge to take more snapshots of daily life to post here. I will not worry about exposure or aperture or photoshop. I will only care about the moment.

And by the way-who ever thought of taking a personal diary and broadcasting it to the world? Because that is essentially what a blog does. Total oxymoron...and yet here I sit.

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