Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay so I have finally "prettified" my blog to where I feel more comfortable writing!  It will be under construction here and there as I learn to improve it                                     ( I am a complete computer moron!)

So I will do a "5 THINGS" list on my posts, tell you something you don't know about us/me, whats going on in our lives, etc.


monkey #3 finally had some blood work done today to see if maybe anemia is the cause of the leg pain & exhaustion he's had since he was 1 1/2.  We will get the results tomorrow.  He was such a little trooper, no tears or anything.  The first time I had blood drawn I puked on the phlebotomists shoes :)! 

2.  I am TIRED, and yes, I am always tired, but especially right now, just want to sleep...

3.  Thinking about all our veterans, their sacrfices and their familie's sacrifices.  What a blessing they are and I pray they know the gratitude we as a nation have for them.

4.  I      CAN. NOT. WAIT.  to have a storage shed built and get all this JUNK off our front porch, tired of looking like a bunch of rednecks!

5.  I really need to get healthy...With the last pregnancy I just couldn't keep up and ate worse and couldn't exercise...and I haven't had the energy to start again.  That darn cyclical affect, need to exercise to feel good , don't feel good enough to excercise...

God Bless, Mandy

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