Friday, November 13, 2009

Been meaning to document my ever growing collection of birdies
...this started on accident, I had picked up one because of its color...then I saw another one that I thought was cute day found a picture I LOVED...

and before I knew it I became an official 'bird lady'

and this guy got shoved down the couch and lost his beak

and these next 2 guys caused quite the argument between my honey and I.  We were on a trip to the coast at an amazing store called 'Feather your Nest', when I picked these ones out to bring home.  Honey made a remark about them being too chubby for his tastes and that he preferred the skinnier birds!!:O!!!  Excuse me?  and what is wrong with  plump ?  So skinnier is better?  He knew he was in deep...and I'm sure the workers were curious as to why we were laughing so hard in the checkout line...
got these pictures for $1.00 @ a yard sale!!!

and there they are!


connie sartain said...

Well Honey you could collect worse things. Enema cans? I have one. Bongs? I can't go there. Birds are so sweet [skip over hawks]and benign[our protective eagle aside]They are happy[the screaming crows must be forgiven for mps]And some hummmm which is close to singing if you forget the words. Occasionally one will roost on your lawn mower handle or poop on your porch or tangle itself up in the cat's claws, but all us mothers can forgive such things. Birds are swell.... and the ample ones are the best. Tell your husband.

connie sartain said...

Did I really write mps instead of pms? It must be a senior moment. Where's the spell check on this thing? I love your blog..... and you too.

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