Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Picture Outake!-I'd rather take pictures of ANY kids other than my own! 

1.  I am now 29 years old...some days it feels 79!  I guess that's what happens when you don't get more than 2 hrs of straight sleep in almost 10 yrs.  Spent the day yesterday as usual, home with the kids,Honey @ work.  The kids each bought me another lil birdy to add to my collection which they were very excited about (from the dollar store).  Then Mimi came and watched them while Honey and I went out for Mexican food and saw Old Dogs.  Cute movie.  Then we came home, had cake the kiddos made and went to bed!  29 is gonna be a good year for me!

2.  Monkey 3 refered to the spider in my jacket as a coyote spider ( instead of a wolf spider.)

3.  So glad my mom knows when I need a break, even when I don't tell her.  She came and stole the kids away for a few hours the other day so I could have some peace.  Thanks Mom

4.  Have too many ideas racing through my head of fun vintage projects do, make or try.  Like I have the time for more hobbies!  But checking out some blogs/online shops have the juices flowing!

5.  Instead of braving the cold for the parade tonight we stayed home and played hide n' seek with a flashlight.   That's so much better anyways!

God Bless,


Momism:  If your printer stops working, you may want to check it for rocks ;)  This was today @ my house!

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Bridget said...

Happy belated Birthday! You have such cute kids and such a great blog, I'm so glad I stopped by.

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