Thursday, May 20, 2010

30 Things To Do Before I'm 30

Okay, here we go... I go this idea from a blog I read often called Whatever...where in turn I think she borrowed the idea from a blog she reads (and probably so on and so forth)
  I actually have this as a scrapbooking layout but for the purpose of having it here it is in list form.  I'm gonna be updating it when I complete each one:)  Keep in mind that I wrote this back in Jan.

1. learn and get external flash

2.plant an old fashioned flower garden

3.join a fun mom's group
i joined a bunco group, what a blast:)

4.finish writing my book

5.establish 'family night devotions'

6.join a church family

7.go to a big flea market/junk show a Beth Moore Bible study

9.paint the house

10. share my faith with unbelievers

11. finish the Outlander series

12. fit into my favorite size 8 jeans

13.refurbish some furniture

14.form our house rules and binder

15.  have a diaper free house

16. go to the auction house with Aubrey

17. start using coupons

18. give up sugary drinks

19. prioritize my time wisely

20. Make a bosom friend

21. sew something

22.  read 3 classic novels

23. feel good about who I am

24. spend a whole day with Didit

25. do family pictures @ the beach

26. have a big 4th of July or summer party here

27. get to the Dr for a check up

28.take a weekend trip with Honey something I haven't learned

30. watch Passion of the Christ and Schindler's List

now as you can see some of these are general, some specific. 
    Some probably sound odd, some maybe not.

Yes I AM writing a book.  I've been writing books since I knew how to write.  But I actually would like to finish this one and look into publishing

Yes Didit is a person. My grandma in fact, though she's never been grandma, just Didit.  Why?  Because every time I got hurt or something happened my mom would say "Grandma did it."  And that's how it happened, and she's been Didit ever since.

No I haven't seen either Passion or Schindler's List.  Why?  Because  I know they will emotionally exhaust me.  But sometimes that needs to be done.

And that's all folks:)

God Bless,


Sara said...

Great list Mandy! Hope you get the most important of these done, and leave the rest for another decade!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I love your list! I was also inspired by Meg and wrote one of my own...I need to dig it out and see if I've made any progress??

Also - Thanks for the Outlander suggestion that you posted on my blog. I also cracked up a little at your disclaimers about it. That's exactly what I always find myself doing...because you just never know how someone else may feel about certain things?!

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