Friday, July 16, 2010

And she's off...

She's gonna get to think clearly.
She's gonna sit in a car for hours on end listening to her music and not hearing " he touched me!!"
She is going to eat a candy bar and not have to share.
  She may  even get to pee with the door shut and noone on the other end screaming.

Daddy on the other hand gets to experience a day or two in her life.
He gets to change the diapers, feed them, get em dressed.
Keep them from plotting evil against the world.

All while she basks in the sun on a beach,
on a sandless blanket and not a juice box for miles.

She's gonna have fun spending money on lacy things she can't buy with kids in tow
(" mommy why is that see through??!!" )

And she'll come home ready for snuggles and love and maybe even some whining.

Okay probably not the whining.

Have fun daddy.
Mama's hitting the road.

God Bless,
Say a prayer for blessing and protection over us if you would.

Although I'm excited I'm a little anxious as well!

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