Sunday, October 3, 2010

On this Sunday...

I am missing my men again, who are off shooting bambi.

I am thinking of my grandma who has been gone 3 years now.

I need to finish watching North and South , an amazing movie, it shows a lot of the horrid things that happened in that time period unlike so many of the others like it, that only show the beauty.

I really need to sweep.

And figure out how to get this primer out of my hair.

Skipping church do in large part to aforementioned primer encrusted hair.

I'm listening to my 2 year old squeeze the life out of a cat.

I need to go to my second home...wal mart.

And get a coffee from Dutch Brothers.

Wanting to buy a Need To Breathe CD
(I think the last time I bought a CD was years ago)

I will meet a good friend to finish this little angel's portraits...

(these ones are from yesterdays, she got too tired to finish them)
And I hope you all have a blessed Sunday.
God Bless,


Lissa said...

My daughter squeezes the life out of our dog every day! it drives me crazy! Hope you got the primer out of your hair and everything all swept. ;) Hopefully your men will arrive shortly. (poor bambi)

Teresa said...

My men love to hunt, too....and I need to sweep. Too late tonight though, I'll put it off til tomorrow! And how do you get primer out of your hair? Good luck with that!

Sarah, Brad, Owen and Claire said...

Dish soap....that’s how I get primer out of my hair! You have to super condition afterwards but no primer. I live and breathe the words you write, thanks for saying them "out loud".

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