Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm a shopper.
I have no intentions of trying to dissuade the notion that girls love to spend, because I'm all for it.

It's simply a little harder when you don't have a bottomless bank account!

So while I love to drool over places like Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn and Anthropology...

I'm actually more of a Target, Old Navy, Yard Sale type of girl.

But just for fun, would you like to go on a spending spree??

I've been holding out for years for a metal bed for my room, have yet to find one free on the side of the road, can't imagine why.
  How about this bed ??!!

With THIS  hanging over it!
all the goodness here is almost overwhelming!
And I have been talking myself out of these prints for about 6 months...

Seriously.  I will not buy these, I will not buy these.

Okie Dokie...moving on...

Take a look at all the yumminess HERE!

How about 

to wear while doing dishes??


from one of my new favorite stores I've never actually shopped at!
(add a few inches to mine please and thank you)

with this and this!

now we need shoes...

My virtual money is spent.
Thanks for shopping with me,
till next time...

God Bless,

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