Monday, September 27, 2010

Rant and Multititude Monday

First for the rant:

  Am I the ONLY parent in the US of A that HATES school fundraisers???
Call me a bad mama if you will, but I can't stand having my own door knocked on 3,000 times a school year asking for pledges, or to buy candy bars or a wrapping paper tube that costs $13.00.
I'm going to say something that makes me sound further like the wicked witch of the West-
I don't let my kids participate.
Yep, not at all.
I will give them a few bucks for their up and coming jog-a-thon, that's it.
They aren't even allowed to ask grandma let alone the old lady down the street on social security.
Yes, it's nice to go on field trips or have fun events.
But I find it down right rude to ask people to fork over their hard earned cash for my child to go to a museum.
And even family gets hit up so many times by so many kids that I have called a ban on all fundraisers in this home.

Rant over.

  On to multitude Mondays:
( where I am adding to my blessing list in hopes of reaching 1,000!)

holy experience

41. nutella
42. uncontrollable giggles
43. my hunky hubby
44. ice
45. green grass
46. Monkey 1 being interested in music and beginning the violin
47.   colors
48. apple muffins
49. a pretty prairie skirt
50.inspirational blogs
51. the privilege to vote
52. birds singing
53. my cowgirl boots
54. white picket fences
55. old bricks
56. floral prints
57. homemade chicken pot pie
58. new friendships
59. the old ones too
60. feeling energetic

do I have issues??
I'm realizing how many 'food' blessing I count!!

What are you grateful for?
And please tell me I'm not a bad mom for hating fundraising!

God Bless,

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Sweet Apron said...

Fundraising is the pits, agreed.
I am thankful for a warm house and cup of tea on cool fall nights.

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