Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do You Need to Have "THE TALK" With Your Kids??

Okay, so I'm jumping into the deep end here.
My oldest is 9.
As conservative as we are as a family on what he views, hears, etc., I'm pretty sure there are things he hears at school and around that make him wonder what in the world that means.

So how do I handle it??
By doing what I do best...
buying a book on the subject.

No people I wasn't prepared to jump right in on my own (on my own means of course with my husband completely speechless by my side).
I still blush when buying undergarments for Pete's sake.
No, seriously , I do.
I have to hide it under other items in the carts,
on the conveyor belt,
and then distract myself with something to do as the checker rings me up.
And we're talking at wal-mart, not some skimpy lingerie shop!

So ya, I've been feeling a tad anxious about this conversation.
That's where the book comes in.

A Chicken's Guide To Talking Turkey With Your Kids About Sex

Authored by Dr. Kevin Leman and Kathy Flores Bell.

you can buy it here:

This book is from a Christian perspective, and is full of great information.
There is a whole lot to it that goes beyond the birds and bees conversation, it talks about parenting styles that can set your child up for self discipline, responsibility, etc, that then prepare them for making good choices when it comes to sex.

I admit some of it scares the daylight out of me, and reading this has not eliminated all my fear in approaching this topic.
What it has done is shown me how to be no nonsense straight forward age appropraite with our kids, reinforced crucial life skills your child needs to obtain through the parent to have the confidence to make those good choices, and given me a jumping off point.

I would highly recommend this book to any parent.
  I would also highly NOT recommend you walking into your back yard and yelling above your husbands drilling
"Hey Honey, you know that Chicken Sex book I'm reading??"

Because it could send the entirely wrong message to your neighbors.
Not that I did that or anything!

God Bless,

Raising Homemakers


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Eerie, is what this is! ;) Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be looking this one up!

Anonymous said...

Ha! What a great post! We made it to 10.75 with our eldest before we had to give the talk this summer. I guess we didn't *have* to give the talk, but we figured we'd best intervene before someone did it for us! :)

Great post. Found you through RH Homemaking Link-Up.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

No kidding, I was just about to ask a friend for a good book recommendation. Also drafting a post in my head about a "farm facts talk "as I waited for the school bus carrying my inquisitive first grader... I'll go check out this book right away. THANKS for helping me face my fears!
BTW, I also am with ya on the no school sales/fundraiser stuff. Never ever. Will give money and services to the PTO but that's it. So glad I'm not alone. Better go look around more to see what else we have in common!

heather said...

There is no need to be afraid. The reproductive system is a normal, healthy part of the body just like the digestive system. Children don't have hang ups about it until they sense that the people around them are uncomfortable. Approach the subject as imparting information about how to keep your amazing body healthy.
It saddens me that some Christian parents want to keep their children ignorant of how their body works. Even if you want your children to restrict sex to marriage, eventually they will need factual information about how their body works if they are going to have a healthy martial relationship or have children. If their bodies are "wonderfully made" there is no need for shame.

Jess said...

Oh, WHAT a title for a book! My kids are still young but that day is coming.

I was just surfing around blogs and ran across yours... I had to comment on this. Because my husband and I have discussed chicken sex on many occasions, and (I will admit) I may have blogged about it once (or maybe even twice).

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