Monday, January 31, 2011

Money Monday...

ah, money monday.
how i kind of hate you for keeping me somewhat accountable & guilt ridden when i mess up.

so here we go again.
i think i'll simply say this:
cut up your credit cards!

while everyone knows credit cards are bad,bad,bad, it seems as though we all still fall into the trap.
i know we have.
while we've never gone and bought extreme things on the card, we have bought clothes, food and gas.
our income is pretty skimpy.
and to be honest, we just had no room in it for squeezing in new tennis shoes or winter coats.
so out came the evil card.

we have since paid it off,
and are trying very hard not to ever go back there.

2 things i try to think of while buying:

how many hours of work would it take my husband to pay for this item (and then is that worth it?)

and , when using a credit card,  how much is this item when i add the 15% interest (or whatever) to this item?

for the month of Jan i was able to stay in budget for food,
but i did go over on household items.
i've since realized i need to readjust, and crunch some numbers on that one.
$60.00 is simply not happening when i have a child still in diapers and 4 cats
i hate put up with feeding and litter boxing (?), plus all the other stuff.
we go through lots of toilet paper around these parts!
so i'm not sure how much i'll keep this going,
probably not weekly.
but i will continue to let you know how i'm doing on food items, deals, etc.

New menu on the side bar.
Yes, Sundays meal got bumped to Monday because we had an unexpexected date night;)
which blew both the budget and diet, but hey, time with the hubby is always worth it!

God Bless,

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Hilary @ Sweet as June said...

Mandy, we cut up those credit cards a year ago! everyhting we buy now is right out of the pocket... and it is hard! Keep it up, those things are bad ;)

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