Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seriously Considering...

my kids are totally and thoroughly against it.
my home schooling them.
heck, i'm against it 1/2 the time.
but i am seriously considering it.
and then not.
i am begging God to answer me clearly on this one.

i'm afraid it's too late to start.
i am very impatient with my kids.
they are not fast learners.
i feel like my oldest is failing to learn in his current school.
he's getting by,
but not doing as well as i think he could be.
he has a fantastic Godly teacher.
but i just wonder what I could be doing here to help.
and i already spend hours doing homework with him.
what to do, what to do?

but the books/curriculum is definitely not in our budget!
i'm not sure we could swing it financially.
that, of course,  won't be my basis for our decision,
but it does play into it.

my heart is in turmoil back and forth over this.
i *think* i have made up my mind when all of a sudden i change it again.
do any of you have wisdom to share?
i would love to hear how you manage...
either way! 

God Bless,


Teresa said...

Oh Mandy. This is such a tough one! I fake homeschooled my oldest for a year. (I was horrible at it - it just wasn't for us. Plus, at twelve years old he was smarter than me. Way smarter.) Follow your heart, and know that no decision you make has to be a permanent one. But I hear ya. It's so hard to know what's best.

Anonymous said...

Mandy - I understand all of your considerations but keep in mind the social skills that children learn (both good and bad) but necessary in life. They really miss that being home schooled an it shows up later in life. Jim's son was home schooled, it definitely has an impact. Book learning is not the only skill in elementary school. Aunt Sandie

Jason and Sara said...

Have you checked out PaperBack Swap? It's a cool website where you can swap books (the name kinda says it), but a friend of mine who home schools say she gets a lot of their material from there.

Dianna said...

OH...I LOVE YOUR BLOG! LOVE. IT. This is my first time to peek into your world and I love what I see.

Not any advice really, but if I had "life" to do all over again I would definitely have homeschooled our two from day one of their school aged years. If you are interested why you are more than welcome to contact me by e-mail. My address is on my profile page.

But it really is such a personal that I had to be totally comfortable in my own skin with. I think the best thing we did was prayerfully write out a list of why we thought we wanted to homeschool. Even though I was the one who was going to be teaching, my husband had to be a part of this commitment because I needed (and counted on) his support.

Will be praying for you!

CurlyGirly said...


i just found your blog from sasha's. i homeschool my three kids, and i did it on our own for the first semester when i became scared they weren't learning what "everyone else" was learning. i enrolled my kids into wava, a program run by k12. we are considered public school, but it's so amazing. they just send me all the curriculum and i teach them. the k12 site has lots of lessons and videos of the lessons that have animated portions to it. you can see most of their curriculum there!

it has been such a blessing to our family. i pulled them out when my oldest was in 2nd, my second in 1st and my youngest has been home since kindergarten.

if you have any questions, i'd be more than happy to talk!!


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