Monday, January 24, 2011

Money Monday...

this will be a short post.
i've painted a fence,
 went to 2 different stores,
baked muffins,
made chili.
oh ya,
and 2 kids are pukey.
so i'm tired :)!

a big suggestion I have is buying in advance.
i'm not talking about  warehouse stores and buying a lifetime supply of paper towels.
i'm talking about if your grocery store has a good sale,
plan ahead!
today i went over my weekly budget a little.
because my local safeway had an unadvertised sale on chicken for .99 a lb.
so i bought 3 packages that weren't on my list,
but i have dinner meat that won't have to be on next weeks budget!

Make up your own rules as you learn.
if i find cereal for less than $2/box
bread less than $1.00 for whole wheat
meat less than $3/lb
coffee less than $6
milk under $2
cheese less than $5 for  2 lbs
i buy in advance!
you'll learn as you go where to spot the deals.
before i very rarely noticed when there was a sale,
because i simply bought what sounded good for dinner that night or the next.
now i am much more aware of spotting the deals, and taking full advantage!

by the way, the only pre-boxed/packaged food i buy regularly is boxed macaroni and cheese.
i usually buy Kraft.
today at wal-mart i noticed a new brand, for 38 cents a box!
i'll let you know if the savings was worth it!

God Bless,

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