Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i'm tearing up at every little thing.
tender is my heart.
open is my spirit.
can't even handle the blog world, you all make me cry.
no  i'm not pregnant.
or pmsing.
i think sometimes God tenderizes our hearts for His glory.
for compassion.
and love.

lovey doveyness brings me to this...

 i think i may, for about the first time EVER, care about V-day coming on up.
(i wonder if hard core Valentines peeps care that i just called it V-day the way i care about Christmas being shortened to the dreaded X-mas?)
i may even...decorate!
my hubby may hate me. but how could i not with all  this ladies  inspiriation?
by the way, shannan has to be one of the sweetest bloggers in bloggerville.
she is real.
and lovely.
and fun.
go see her, and never leave.

hmmmm....what craft to do first?

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

What??? You're too kind! Too kind! Thanks girlie. It's an honor to share the spotlight in this post with my beloved Valentine's Day. :)

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