Thursday, January 6, 2011


there is simply a time when you realize change has set in.
needed change.
because YOU had unintentionally changed.
that you wake up and know that the world tilted back the way it once was.
that the couple years you felt lost, overwhelmed, and kinda like rolled up socks that fell short of the laundry basket...
are dissolving away faster than the ice cream my husband complains I leave out on counter.
i'm feelin' it.
centered again.
back on the Mandy path.
the who i am breaking through the who i became that was a bad version of me.
grumpy mom,
forgetting to be joyful.

scratch that.
i think i've always been and always will be impatient.
but that's okay.
cuz it's me.
right down to the opening the mail before i get in the front door,
or eating a slice of pizza in the car out of the box because you just aren't waiting til you get home.

i'm finally starting to enjoy me again.

and it's feeling great.

God Bless,

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Sweet Apron said...

It's uncanny how much you sound like me. Glad that you are feeling joyful! Yes, I have eaten a slice of pizza straight from the box.

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