Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adventure to Homeschooling Part 2 : more whys...

eta: since many have asked, yes, we are waiting until next fall to start homeschooling.  they will finish this year out in their current school.

like i need more of a reason than God saying
"DO IT!".

but there are a few more...
 1. my son is behind in math.
the curriculum in place a few years ago was so screwed up i heard his teachers complain about it.
the majority of his 4th grade class is struggling, all because of some faulty curriculum.

i hate that he comes home at the end of the day, after 6 hours in school,
only to spend an hour doing homework,
in which i usually have to 'reteach' him the stuff he should have learned in class.

i want to clarify something:
I do not blame the teachers.
they do not get to choose their curriculum, they have 25 + kids,
all with different learning styles,
and i do not in any way blame them.

we have been blessed with some great teachers in the public school system,
but the truth is that they have their hands tied in many ways.
 plus the fact that I have good kids(at school at least : D), kids that are not problem, loud, crazy kids,
they tend to get overlooked when it comes to getting special attention.
and neither one of the two oldest kids are the type to raise their hands and say they need the help.

my oldest 2 children are also kinesthetic learners.
they do not absorb as much through auditory learning,
which is how the public school system is set up.

monkey #3 would do fabulous in the public school system, because he does learn this way.but i believe i can mold a curriculum around my kids according to their style learning,
not the other way around.

 2. probably the main reason for homeschooling though, is this:

 i want my kids to have a heart for home.
i want them to learn that things like family, character, and Biblical values
are the by far the most important thing.

i already feel the pull.
the separation.
the "but they said this".
"but I'm the only one who doesn't"
"i hate my brothers and sister".

is this normal?
do i want to raise drones that don't think or act for themselves?

but i do want what Daddy and I believe to be their main source of influence.
they WILL get it somewhere,
wouldn't it be better from us than from a peer?
  I heard a fantastic quote
If we continue to send our children to Caesar for their education, we need to stop being surprised when they come home as Romans.”
-Voddie Baucham

i want my kids to have a BIBLICAL worldview.
3. i want to protect my kids from harm.
i'm always a little shocked when people say
 "you can't protect your kids from everything"
"aren't you a little over protective?"
" your kids are sheltered".
etc, etc.
because if is not my job to PROTECT my kids than what the heck is?
yes, i know they have to be 'introduced' to the world at some point.
yes, i know they will see *that* somewhere along the road.
yes, they have to grow up sometime.
but guess what?
right now they are
i will decide when and how my kids get introduced to the CRAP of the world.
and my husband i will equip them in how to deal with these things.
i certainly don't think that throwing them to the wolves would serve them well.
but arming them with 'weapons' and allowing them jaunts into the forest a little at a time will be much more effective.
so if you say my kids are sheltered, don't be surprised when my response is
because it means I'm doing something right.
it means i'm doing my job.
  so those are basically my reasons why.
i will address the concerns that people have about homeschoolers in the next post...
God Bless,
if you missed my first two posts in this series
see intro :

Part 1: why


Kris Mays said...

HAHAHA. You sound just like me! Blessings today!

Mrs. Stam said...

Those are beautiful blessings, love that V.Baucham quote :-)

Carissa said...

Oh honey... I'm in the front row, waiving my hanky, sayin' preach it sister!!!! ;-)

I hear the "sheltered" response a lot.

Yes, I know I can't protect them forever, but I will go down fighting every step of the way! Are we not here to be their protector's/ their parent's???

Oh my... don't get me started.
Great post!
Carissa :-)

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