Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventure to Homeschooling Part 3: Concerns...

there are a few things I've learned just in this very short time
that people have concerns with homeschooling families.

i'm going to attempt to address some of these even though we haven't started yet!

1.  Socialization

well, let me remind you that my kids are each one of 4.
they learn socialization on a daily basis.
they learn to share, take turns, compromise, problem solving, tuning someone out in order to concentrate,
working as a team, etc. ,etc.

all these things that they would need to get from 'socialization' they get at home.

many people don't realize how far homeschooling has come in recent years unless you really look into it.
there are so many groups/organizations to join that my only issue is deciding which ones!
these groups do field trips, activities, etc, together,
which gives kids the chance to meet other children and make friends
(in a much better environment than school i might add ).

not to mention that when you throw in church and sports,
my kids are hardly what you'd determine would be social outcasts or socially awkward.
those days are in the homescooling past,
it really is a whole new world.

2. being 'under' educated

once again, i'm going to say,
homeschooling is so different than it looked when i was a kid.
there are SO (TOO) many curriculum choices out there.
many walk you through step by step,
with a laid out plan of how and what to teach.

that being said there is an UNSCHOOLING movement amongst some homeschooling families.

i , however, don't know  a single family that does their schooling this way,
nor do i agree with it.

my kids will be taught every subject they would get at school,
but with a hands-on, one-on-one advantage.

yes, there is plenty i don't know or remember,
but the resources out there to help are plentiful!

there are also online academies or DVDs kids can watch someone else teach them, send in their work, and it comes back graded!
this would be especially helpful in the higher up subjects!

so yes, we are covering our bases,
they will not have gaps in their education...

it should also be known that the most prestigious of universities actually seek out homeschooled kids.
their work ethic, testing scores and community involvement generally far exceeds that of a child in the public school system.
if i wanted i could link those statistics...
but i'm tired and need to get my dishes done...
which , irionically, brings me to the next...

3. laziness

once again,
i think some people automatically picture the 'unschoolers' method when they think of homeschoolers as lazy.

my kids will still have a bed time,
a wake up time, a 'school' time, a chore time, etc.
yes, we'll have a more lax schedule,
but that doesn't mean they will sit around in their pjs all day after getting up at 10.

i'll confess this may be an area i really have to buckle down on.
while i LOVE (yes, seriously) making schedules/charts,
the implementing them is slightly different.
but i want my kids to learn self-discipline,
and they will!

it's actually much more rewarding than public school!

my kids will know,
upon waking,
that if they get right on the work,
they have the whole day ahead of them.

i am going to even attempt to set up a system,
where if they have been disciplined all week, Fridays are set aside for field trips.
it's called an incentive program ;)

so, any other concerns?
i will happily address them!
let me know by leaving a comment!

part 4 will be about our personal 'plan'...
God Bless,

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Kris Mays said...

I think it's important to realize that everyone ends up with holes or gaps in their educations. This happens no matter where we go to school.

What matters is, did we teach them to know how to learn and to love to learn? If we did, whatever gets missed will easily be taken care of later.

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