Thursday, September 8, 2011

so grateful...

we've been at it 3 whole days.
this homeschooling thing.
i want to weep with gratitude for the Lord's direction.

i had always known my oldest struggled with math.
i used to sit for an hour a night reteaching it when he was in public school!
but even with all that,
i got the reports he was doing 'average'.
doing his work.
getting by.

today i felt kicked in the stomach when i asked him to do an assignment,
and he didn't know how to do it.
(it involved #s)
i know i had gone over this with him.
2 years ago!
i showed him the way his homework had said.
he had got it done.
i didn't look back.

he never actually got it!
these last years he has sat through countless instructions,
staring timidly at papers with the anxious feeling of never knowing what he was actually doing. heart.

i researched another way to teach it.
threw aside the 'workbook' for the day.
and taught him.
after 10 minutes,
he lit up.
he said "oh, i get it!"
and looked so stinkin' proud.
this is it folks.
this is me walking in affirmation.
i could feel the Lord's presence around us today.
His conviction came alive in my heart fully.
this is the path i am to walk.
for how long i don't know,
but i'm walking it.

there will be days.
i'll probably have to come reread this post ;)
but i love knowing
we're right where we're supposed to be.



Sy and Shaunna said...

what a beautiful share, Mandy. i'm so glad your little man "gets it." you are doing wonderful!

Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford said...

Sounds like you've made the right choice! I am new to homeschooling, and I wonder how to do it almost every day. My 1st grader is wonderful to work with and she really loves to learn so it is a win win situation.
I'll be posting more on my journey if you ever want to stop by. Thank you for your inspiration!


Amy said...

WOW Mandy .. what a beautiful post! And I repeat what you said "Ill probably have to come reread this post" .... Isnt it amazing when we feel the hand of God on our shoulders just guiding us and saying "You are moving in the right direction" ... I am so glad you have been uplifted and for your son to find a new WAY to understand math! :) Great work momma! God is working with us always! Your post was just what I needed today! so thank you!

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