Tuesday, September 6, 2011

and mom said "let there be school"...

i am happy to report,
it is currently 10:09 pm and i'm alive!
i survived people.
and so did the little monkeys!

if you pay good attention you'll notice different lighting.
the littlest monkey was not doin'a photo shoot this morning!

so the kids were up and ready to start our day before i had sipped my coffee!
i thought for sure i'd be dragging them but they were excited:)

we kept it light today.
we did a quick calendar,
i had them repeat the Lord's prayer,
i took them out for donuts,
(which may have swung things in my favor.)
we came home and did history together,
then did math and L.A. separately.

i briefly introduced them to our composer and artist of the month.
(Mozart and Norman Rockwell).

and my 'school' day wrapped up with Monkey 3's reading lesson.

this was a condensed day,
and i definitely see some kinks that need ironing out,
(my transition time,etc)
but all in all it was a VERY good day!

i never heard a complaint come out of the oldest monkey's mouth,
which HELLO people!
that is a miracle!

***let's not mention that as i was in all my mommy glory we ended the day with a trip to wal-mart.
where i was basically accused of stealing after waiting in line for 20 minutes while the cashier rearranged the conveyor belt, etc., and while my 3rd and nameless child began an ALL OUT BRAWL with his sister that had people gasping from aisles over.
yep, let's just forget that part shall we?***

                                                         (excuse the screwy white balance.
           i just made and froze countless jars of salsa and cleaned a kitchen and refuse to open photo shop.
                                                                            so there.)

he looked for Elmo while we did Creation books for History.

thank you for all the support and love!
one day down...

God Bless,


Alicia said...

yeah! you survived!! :) glad you had a good day...good thinkin' with those donuts too :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. You will do fine in future too. It's a learning experience for you all. love you,
Aunt Sally

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