Friday, August 19, 2011

a few movie & book suggestions ...

if you haven't figured it out yet,
 i'm kinda a book and movie fanatic.
Hunger Games*****
and i finally gave in and bought books 2 & 3 in the hunger games series.
after waiting (and waiting and waiting).
and calling the poor book store people waiting for a used copy
(over and over again)
and once again being told there is no release date for paperback,
i went and bought Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

i finished them in 1 1/2 days.
both of them.
i was up til one am,
and woke up at 7 to keep reading.

that's when you know it's a good book people.

they are an excellent series,
written for a teen audience,
but the book transcends gender, age and genre.
it was described to me , before reading it, as a trainwreck.
so horriffic, but you can absolutely not look away.

there is a lot of violence and suspense.
not sure at what age i'd feel comfortable letting my teen read it,
but i'm not there yet so i'll worry about that in  a few years.

the author, Suzanne Collins, did an amazing job of writing in just enough romance, just enough hint of passion, to make it just perfect for the teen audience.
seriously impressed with her keeping it clean but not avoiding it either!

***i found myself wishing for a little more in that department, but i'm a grown woman;)***

also, i am normally a throw-me-back-into-an old-timey-age type girl.
this is not a typical book pick for me.

but if you have not yet jumped on the Hunger Games train,
do it!
you won't be sorry.

and for a quick (since i was too long winded in the book review) review on a few good movie rentals:

August Rush, PG

this movie is breathtakingly sweet.
i'm sure you'll be bawling.
i wasn't, but i don't cry in movies.
but i'm sure 95% of the female population would have tears.
sad tears,
good tears,
lovely tears.

this is a wonderful, heart wrenching,
sweet story.  rent it!

(p.s., just cuz it's pg doesn't mean it's necessarily kid approved, i wouldn't allow mine to watch it for a few more years)

Luther, PG-13

this is a movie for anyone with any sort of interest in church history, or if you just like period pieces.
this was a very well done movie, that, though i am NO expert, seems to have portrayed this time with accuracy (from what i can recall of high school history class, cough*cough)

(even if had some discrepancies,)
 it was well done and a very good flick!

and , as always, you can see my top movies of all time list:

God Bless,


heartland farmhouse said...

Hey...don't know if you noticed??? FPFG answered your question over on her blog.
Hope you are having a good start to your week! :)

Anne Marie said...

HiMsndy! nervous? about homeschooling? then you are already doing something wants what is best for youe will make lots of mistakes - per life is exactly like that right? -

I think that is just awesome you are doing it....bravo!!!

Anne Marie

Jennifer said...

LOVE August Rush. I haven't seen luther yet, but it looks great.

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