Friday, September 3, 2010

Redeeming Myself & a Movie List

First for redemption:
My oldest Monkey and daddy have been gone for 2 days on a father/son adventure.
I miss them.
Like I want to cry miss them.
And he is by a long shot the Monkey that gets my blood a boilin'.
He's stubborn rolled up in strong willed and topped with moody.
But I miss him.
And Honey too.
They don't have cell coverage and I have NEVER been away from him this long without talking.
What if he's cold at night?
Overheated during the day?
If he forgets to drink enough water, or eat enough food?
What if they see a rattlesnake?
Or get lost?
Or, or, or.
I know they are having fun and God's watching over them, but my mama heart gets so sad, especially at night.

Let's change the subject! "Must See Before You Die" movie list,
because some friends asked me and it's a heck of a lot easier to post on here than remember in 10 different conversations.
I didn't include on here spy movies, but I love those too, they're all just kinda the same
(007 and Mission Impossible types)
Without further ado:

Anne of Green Gables Series
Pride and Prejudice (the BBC one)
An Affair to Remember***
The Count of Monte Cristo
It's A Wonderful Life***
Singing In The Rain***
Top Gun
Get Smart
Evan Almighty
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Meet The Parents
The Bicycle Thief***
Mr.Hobbs Takes a Vacation***
Rob Roy
Ben Hur***
Man In the Moon
Philedelphia Story***
the Proposal
White Squall
Gangs Of New York
Lonesome Dove
Far & Away
You Can't Take It With You***
Monkey Business***
Lover Come Back***
Gone With the Wind***
the Notebook
The Quiet Man***
Roman Holiday***
Princess Bride
To Catch A Thief***
The Game
Mr.Smith Goes to Washington***
Life is Beautiful
Dan In Real Life
The Parent Trap
Adam's Rib***
The Patriot ( Mel Gibson)
First Knight
Sherlock Holmes
Lord of the Rings trilogy
North and South (BBC)
classics have a ***

Well, there you go.
I'm a movie lover so I shared a lot. I'll keep you posted on if I come across another that needs to be added!
What's your favorite on my list?
Go rent one of these and tell me wacha think!

God Bless,

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