Monday, August 30, 2010

1000 Gifts...

I am joining in on Holy Experiences 1000 gifts, where every Monday I'll be adding to my list of gifts that God's given me until I reach 1,000!

holy experience

I am always grateful for the 'little things', hence the name of my blog...
1. Grace
2. a husband who works hard for our family
3. freshly picked blackberries
4. Monkey #3's drawings of mama and him holding hands
5. sleep (I'm keepin' it real)
6. the mist rolling in off the ocean...
I'm convinced modern medicine will determine it's a migraine cure
7. homemade chicken noodle soup
8. the promise of fall in the air
9. Beth Moore's books
10. my kids laughter
11. a weekend spent with my husband

God Bless,

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Lissa said...

what a wonderful way to focus of what your grateful for!

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