Friday, February 17, 2012

chickens and poop. but not chicken poop...

meet the newest members of our family.

we have Dagger,
Bear Grylls,
and Spring

little adorable chickies that will soon be ugly annoying hens.
but i'm all for free eggs!
and the kids are trying to kill them off quickly...
love the heck out of them.

changing subjects,
i've had a few emails asking how i'm feeling on the gluten free thing.

you all know i'm honest.
and that's where the poop part comes into my post.
that's how i feel.
not better,
not more energetic.
i haven't lost even an ounce.
i'm craving sugar one minute, and the next i feel like i might throw up.
i wake up with bad headaches.
i feel exhausted and sluggish all day long.
i would describe it best as feeling pregnant.
and no, i am not.

i'm counting on this just being a detoxing phase, and that i will see a big turn around very soon.
but for now?
totally sucks.

my husband has been off  gluten the same amount of time, and has not had any bad side effects.
totally mean of him.

i hope to make the next update a happy one!



H-Mama said...

they are completely adorable. the chicks are quite cute, too. ;) sorry about the whole gluten issue. we've done less gluten, but haven't eliminated it completely. i'm sure that's a challenge, as it tends to be in a lot of things!

Elizabeth said...

You will be so happy to get those eggs and your children will learn a lot too. Hope you feel better soon.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

We love our fresh eggs! And we've been collecting to incubate so that we'll have fresh new baby chicks soon!

I'm sorry you're feeling so cruddy :( Hope you feel better soon!

likeschocolate said...

Totally adorable chickens! I wish we could have them where we live, but it is not allowed in our neighborhood. I hope you feel better soon.

thetwistedruffle said...

oh, our chickens just started laying, and i just posted about eating my first goose egg this weekend!

aren't chicks so cute? i miss having them!

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