Wednesday, February 8, 2012

like most days...

i have laundry to do.

but i can see the bottom of the pile
{what? you don't find maxi pads, a cheerio encrusted spoon, magazine pull outs, hot wheels, baby dolls, travel tooth paste, a flute holder thingy and super man gear at the bottom of your baskets? what's wrong with you?!}

2 cups down.  still sluggish.

like most other day ,this little one is very proud at his reading skills.

he said "mom, do you remember in the beginning when i was just learning words like am?"
to which the three year old replies "like in ammo?"
oh ya, teaching them great things we are;)
 {last night, #3 said "is it like your voice box forgot it's job?" in reference to laryngitis.}

unfortunately, when you do manage to get to the bottom of the laundry pile, the worst is yet to come.
there's a chair somewhere under there. it may be MIA for a few days. {like most other days}

like most other days,
 this has already been administered once.
and threatened twice.
i'm great at threats.
it was either become a mom or a hostage holder.
but i'm pretty much a push over, so mom it was.

like most other days,
cuddles with giraffey.

not like most other days...
ugly carrot muffins for my breakfast.
while not pretty, they were pretty tasty.
no dairy, rice flour and farva bean flour!


i love that the monkeys {especially the oldest, like most other days, ask for tea.  he usually drinks a few cuppas daily!}

once again, scary looking, but yummy!  kale chips!

like most other days,
  these babies will be brought down at least once.
notice the one on it's side?
ya, it no longer has a stand from being dropped repeatedly.

like most other days,
i'll also see this bear grylls pocket knife at least 20 more times.
we're only at three so far.

like most other days,
  this darling impresses/scares me  with her wardrobe selections.
always fun to see what she comes up with.

 and i don't want my kids to look back on this blog one day and think i hated their pets{because that's only kind of sort of, 90 % true}, so here

like most other days
my plans for tonight include a little reading and a movie.
we're working through north and south. if you love bbc productions, or anything like jane austen, give the elizabeth gaskell ones a go.
so grateful i have a hubby that likes my chick flicks.
it's a fair trade.  i love john wayne and shoot em up movies too.

also like most other days,
i am totally blessed...



My Frugal Farmhouse said...

Just clicked on you from Piece of Cake and had to tell you I love your title, especially the cracker part which is very funny

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

The crap I find thrown down our laundry shoot is UNREAL! The pad make me really laugh - you are not alone!!!!

Got those darn Bear Grylls knives around here too.

No worries - I'm still your "favorite" conservative! (JK of course on the fav) but I thought I could draw in more people with Common Sense since people are so biased and can shut down with the word "conservative" -- and after all being a conservative IS common sense!
Bon Weekend!

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

love the globes. i have a chair that's gone MIA under similar conditions.

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