Monday, February 27, 2012

in case you doubt my dorkiness...

may i reaffirm that for you.

a friend got a dog of his names is jasper.

ahhh, jasper.

this post will forever remind my children how fortunate they were that dad had an opinion on their names.

my top boys names if mr.bossy pants didn't have mercy upon  our children's souls.
{yep, i know. still, i fought hard for this one.}
{but then it had to go all over to the girl's side and screw that up.  you know why i liked riley?
because of riley roberts in the t.v. show the torkelsons.  which, apparently, i am the only person in the history of the world to remember} 
wait for it...
i never even tried with that one.  he may have died laughing.

well, my daughter was supposed to be cecily.
i still mourn that name.

{i never brought up that one either, just kept it hidden in my heart til now.  don't you feel fortunate?;)}

{which are not dorky names like my usual}

and elizabeth was always to be my daughter's middle name.

in the end we chose elleanor,
which has the same feel.

so, what did we name our kids?
well, here on the blog we keep that private.
but i will tell you once.
this shall be the only time ever on this here publication.

aiden andrew.
{who is nearly 11 by the way.  we were waaaay ahead of that game;)}
and i still love this name, though he was almost  a noah.

brynna elleanor.
love her middle name.
like her first.

conner ryan.
i thought conner too trendy, but liked it well enough.
have always loved the name ryan.

trevor isaiah.
i really like trevor.  kinda cowboyish.
loathe the name isaiah.
that was all his daddy.
{i'm sorry trev, mommy still loves you}

so, as you can see,
i still put entirely too much thought into names when i shall never bear more children.
but now, my dorkiness is documented for all time,
and my boys will know how close they came to utter humiliation and be indebted to their father for all eternity.



MamaMonki said...

My hubby swore up and down that he would be fine with whichever name I chose... until I started suggesting all my favorite names.... then it was a different song and dance. Luckily we came to agreement on our father's names - David Roland.

Elizabeth said...

Love their names, they are so unique, especially brynna elleanor. My husband had A LOT to say about names too....

jennifer blair said...

Hehe. I actually LOVED all your names. I really like oliver and willoughby. :) I love avonlea too! I always wanted to name our (future) daughter allegra...but there's an allergy medicine with that name so my hubs makes fun on it! Ha!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Don't ya just love naming things.Wish I had a few more kids to just name them or a few pets.Lol
Great names! Thanks for the visit, hope to visit with you again~Cheers Kim

H-Mama said...

wishing i had saved the list i made when trying to find a name for our youngest... showing all of the names i suggested - and hubs crossed off. too funny. love this. ;)

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