Thursday, April 19, 2012

books to love...

i have a great recommendation today.

if you like fiction, and have not read the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers...
let me tell ya.

Mark of the Lion : A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, As Sure As the Dawn (Vol 1-3)
you are majorly missing out on what is one of the most well-written, inspirational books i have ever read.

taking place about 40 years after Jesus' Crucifixion.
capitols of world power and idol worship.
Christians and Jews are being slaughtered or enslaved.
the entirety of Rome is drenched in filth and vulgar living.
gladiator games are entertainment,
sin in rampant.

bring in a Jewish Christian slave girl, just a young teenager.
as Haddassah attempts to live out her faith in an environment rich for evil, she is by far one of the most heroic and inspirational characters i've encountered in literature.

Mrs. Rivers doesn't shy away from 'going there' like most goody goody christian authors.

i don't mean that to be critical of other authors of the genre, because i also love Jeannette oak, Jane Kirkpatrick, etc.

it is so refreshing to read a Christian book that deals with fleshly temptations,
sexual deviancy,
drug and alcohol abuse,
and flat out everyday trials such as fear,
gossip, etc.

this book examines the culture of Rome in the first century after Jesus,
but could very well be describing the world we live in today.

a nation on the brink of bankruptcy due to irresponsible and extravagant living?  check.
a younger generation giving into fleshly temptations and 'living for the moment'?  check.
excessive use of drugs, alcohol?  check
sexual sin and diseases that follow? check.
abortion?  check.
thoughts on welfare systems? check.
violence and murder as our source of entertainment?  check.
a health care system in crisis?  check.
worship of money and power?  check.

and yet this author handles it all through a lens of Scripture, and sheds light in the darkness.
it is written with integrity and truth.
i could go on, but i'd rather you just go read it.
Haddassah will encourage you live boldly in your faith like no other fiction has done
{for me anyways}.

this book gets my highest rating of ***** !

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Eunora said...

Yeah! I'd like to go on record for telling you telling you that you should read this. =) Great review, by the way!

Angell @ Passionate and Creative Homemaking said...

Hi Mandy!

Thanks for linking up with me! It worked fine! What kind of problems were you having?

BTW, you got a cool blog here...I'm a new follower! :-)

Michelle Eichner said...

Oh yes, those are great books! There are 3 in the series, right? Although, I have to say, just about anything by Francine Rivers is great! :-) Have you read "Redeeming Love" by her? That's another amazing book. Thanks for your post.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Mandy, I am going to try ordering it from my library.

Sweet Apron said...

I loved the Mark of the Lion series. Stayed up way too late devouring them. That's why we have coffee!!

Angell @ Passionate and Creative Homemaking said...

Just letting you know that your post/link up was amongst the top 3 viewed!

Come grab your button :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, these look very good! I will have to add them to my 'wish to read' list. :)

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