Friday, April 27, 2012

i hate my bangs and other such nonsense...

 i asked the girl who cut my hair
{first hair cut in a year!},
to leave me a long side bang.

i look like a puppy from the 1950s.
i'm not really sure what that means, but it's what i thought of.
it's a good thing i'm not one to pitch a fit or whine about things like this.
  i do hate them, but whatever.
it's hair.
it grows.
{those forehead wrinkles, however, will just continue to get worse.  let's pretend they don't exist, m'kay?}

and now onto a question i keep getting asked:
How did the gluten free thing go and are we still on it???
and no, we're not still on it.

we did it for 8 weeks, and we {the hubs and i} did not feel any difference.
it was supposed to be beneficial for his crohn's disease, and for my
but, no, we felt no changes.
no clarity of mind, energy, weight loss,
or any of the other benefits everyone else apparently sees after a few weeks.
and, we did not feel headachey, bloated or yucky after reintroducing gluten.
i honestly wasn't sure if i was livid or relieved.
go back to carbs and regular cooking?
yes please!
no easy solution to seeing health improvement?

but i am still on my supplements, and hoping that by the time i return to the dr., that my levels will at least be getting closer to normal.
and despite my thought process earlier in this stuff,
i do believe that when finances are better, i will return to my neurologist to get an official diagnosis.
if for no other reason than my own peace of mind.
and yes, this was the nonsense part of the post;)


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Elizabeth said...

Have you been tested for Lyme disease? Hope you feel better very soon and I will keep you in my prayers.

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