Saturday, August 11, 2012


the little things in our life had a makeover.

you are in the right spot;)
or maybe not, but hang here anyways:D!

i streamlined and tweaked, and it's still not what i want,
but i am not computer savy and i am not paying anyone to design my blog.

i have a whole week of posts ready in my head, see ya next week!


Cat said...

Hey! THanks for reading and commenting on my blog today! I loved reading your comment and going back to see what #33 picture was. :) I love meeting new "friends". Love your blog and really enjoyed reading your about page. It made me smile and you and I sound a lot alike. I was going to comment and tell you I do blog designs (at a VERY affordable price, I might add), but then I realized I misread your words and it said you were NOT going to pay someone to design your blog. :( bummer. I would love to do it for a discount. Trying to build up my portfolio. ;) Just an offer. But, i love your blog anyway. Blessings and thanks again,
Cat (

WhiteWhispers2u said...
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WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hi Mandy, nice to meet you thanks for your visit.
I think the blog looks great maybe just enlarge your photos.I Like the colors~Cheers Kim

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