Monday, August 6, 2012


what a great movie!

  i had no idea this movie had Christian over tones.
the reason i rented it was because of robert duvall.
i adore him.
and because it had a good rating of G!
{we all know how difficult it is to find movies not full of garbage for adults!}

and then i was pleasantly surprised by the message of faith and family and the idea that God has a bigger plan for your life that you may think.

this is not overtly Christian.
there is no gospel message or mention of the cross.
i know some Christians have issues with movies that reference of faith without Jesus.
however, i applaud hollywood on this one for a wholesome approach.

i don't care if the Christian reviewers thought it too vague.
i don't care if the hollywood reviewers considered it boring and a "squander" of talented actors.
i thought it was a very sweet, different, and wholesome movie that i actually plan to purchase now.

i should add that this is about golf.
i have no idea how to play nor do i want to, but i enjoyed this anyhow;).


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Sweet Apron said...

I am checking this one out soon!!

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