Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the bounty...

what a blessing having a garden is!
i posted during the prep part of what it looked like before

 amazing , huh?
my hubby is a rock star gardener!
my favorite are the pole beans climbing up, almost magical.
and there is a ton you can't see from these pictures, the perimeter beds for one.

and then of course,
what to do with all this bounty?!

zuchinni muffins:  {with the cutest mixers to boot}


this is a tomato tart.
and YUM!
i don't even like tomatoes but this was sooo good.
i made the recipe up as i went 
 tomato tart:
phyllo dough, about 8 sheets, brushed with melted butter and crushed garlic each layer
once the phyllo is stacked,
put sliced tomatoes and sliced zucchini haphazardly on.
add fresh basil and rosemary.
and some kosher salt and pepper.
sprinkle with parm cheese and smoked gouda {i really think the gouda sent it up 5 notches}.
sprinkle with evoo and bake til brown and melty!

{i tried to get this pic without showing my nasty pan.  but now i am pointing it out and telling you!  that's so me!}
and this next one is one of my easy peasy go-to meals on a hard day!
sausage {i like adielle's chicken with sun dried tomato and mozzarella}
cooked bow tie pasta
cut up zucchini {or mushrooms}
stir fry meat and veggies with a little butter,
add in pasta and herbs
sprinkle with fresh tomatoes or parm.

i used fresh garden bounty in 2 dishes!
well, the phyllo wasn't garden fresh.
or the pasta.
or the cheese.
and i didn't churn the butter.
an almost garden meal.


jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Hi Mandy! Thanks for stopping by and yes Teresa rarely shares pictures of herself. It was great meeting her! I like your garden and all the yummy food you make out of what you grow!

Monica said...

Oh your garden is adorable!

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