Monday, September 10, 2012

a girl's room and a vintage bargain...

well, my favorite day so happened to be last weekend.
a town not too far away {the most adorable, historic town}, had their city wide yard sale.
i feel all anxious-Christmas-morning-excited when this time of year hits.
and although each year i seem to find less and less,
i snagged a $20 shabby dresser i didn't really need.
because when else can you find a vintage dresser that is perfect for my shabby chicish home and only 20 bucks?!
since my small home is already filled to the brim with stuff for my imaginary 3,000 sq footer i'll one day have, the only place for the dresser to land was my daughter's room.
  and it looks adorable!
and of course, once i started taking a shot of the dresser, i just decided to go ahead and show her whole room.  one day she'll thank me, as i still try to recall my past bedrooms {yes, i was into interior design by 6, so i still think about these things}.
here's sweetie-pie's room!
 {excuse the crappy lighting and lack of a wide angle}
the yard sale dresser:

adorable, huh?!
ha! don't even bother to tuck in the curtain or straighten out the quilt mandy!



or shut the drawer...

lots of porcelain dolls. we don't discriminate. ugly? broken foot? ratty hair?...
all are welcome.

  every single ballet print was bought at goodwill or a yard sale.
and no, she doesn't do ballet:D


dress up box
"a busy day in dollville"

ebay years ago...

poor girl gets mama's treadmill as part of the decor...
i love, love, love that i decided to hang these Michael's and clearance shabby chic Target butterflies on her ceiling years ago, so fun!

 i picked up that gingham yellow and pink pottery barn quilt at last years city wide garage sale!
other one is target shabby chic.

kitty pictures framed for her animal lovin' heart.
thanks for touring her room and dealing with my awful shots! 
i'll share what else i nabbed at the sale another day!

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Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

looks like makeovers abound 'round these parts. :)
love the vintagy wall art. and your profile pic is gorgeous girl!

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