Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 fiction favorites...

i've been dreading this post. 
hence it being almost Feb. before i posted last year's favorites.
it's a tad like trying to pick my favorite children.
i am not a super picky reader, i love so many books!  but i will try my best to narrow them down!
i don't think i can list in order of favorites, but i will tell you which ones i very strongly recommend.
The Count Of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas.
I love his work.
it's historic, it's dramatic, it's fun, it's french.
need i say more?
this book is BIG.
most translations have inaccuracies and are abridged, even if they don't say they are.
for that reason {because i like authentic}, i strongly recommend Robin Buss's translation as it is the closest to the original.
one negative thing, i did not care for the way it ended...
the movie version, while about 1/16th of the story, is one of my all time favorite movies as well.
The Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers.
the first 5 chapters, ugh.
stick with it!
this is a beautiful story, with an amazing heroine.
set in the time about 40 yrs. after Christ, in Rome.
a time when Christians were being murdered and Jews were slaughtered.
bring in a Christian Jewish girl who becomes a slave in a Roman house.
She tries to walk out her faith while staying true to her beliefs in the midst of fear for her life should anyone find out.
these books are historically remarkable, they bring Biblical places and people to life in a way i hadn't seen.
in my opinion, the third book was just slightly weaker than the first two, but still a worthy read.
Katherine, by Anya Seton.
another historical novel. 
are you sensing a theme?
This is a fiction work based on real people, mainly Katherine Swynford.
set in 14th century England, Katherine was a real lover to John of Gaunt, son of Richard 2nd.
steeped in real history from records, but taking liberties within the realms of fiction, this book was a real treat.  great writing.
Phillipa Gregory, author of The Other Boleyn Girl { another book i enjoyed last year}, gives praise to Anya Seton for paving the way for historic fiction for women. 
Emma, Jane Austen.
it's a Jane Austen novel.
duh. ;)
Emma is sweet and feisty and a little obnoxious and immature.
her love story blooms unexpectedly before her, with the appealing man of her dreams someone she hadn't thought to consider...
other books i loved:
A Shadow In The Wind,
Shiloh Autumn,
Pillars of The Earth,
The Other Boleyn Girl,
Shades of Blue
The Distant Hours.
have you read any of these?
what'd you think?!


Eunora said...

I didn't know you read the Mark of the Lion series. I loved those books, however, I agree with the third book, not my favorite and a little fanciful at times. But the first two- love! Now go read her latest saga! ;)

thetwistedruffle said...

i generally have to avoid reading at all costs....once i start i cannot stop. i will let all necessary tasks go and just sit and read, and basically ignore everyone until i'm finished. it's really bad, so now i don't read. maybe once my kids don't need me to teach them and i have nothing to do all day, i'll come back here for all of your good reads!

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