Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Highlights From This Week Thus Far...

the oldest child has been on a baking spree.
{and a picture avoidance spree for the last 5 yrs-NOT a highlight}

It comes in handy that the local video store owner was BFFs with your lil sis in 5th grade, because she'll call you early on a shipment morn to ask if you want ALL season 3 of downton abbey before it hits the shelf.
what can i say?
i have connections.
 not my favorite brand, but i won't complain.
your friend sends you a birthday card.
2 months late. {she knows the real date}
that is a recycled card actually sent originally to her husband, but she thinks it's funny so she crosses out the original message and sends on over to you.
and we're friends because she has the same ridiculous sense of humor.
my treat to myself when my mom takes the kids for a few hours each week.
this journal entry form the 6 year old:
the low light?
puzzled by 2 men giving you a thorough check out in Staples  { let's face it, i'm not generally check out worthy},
only to realize your cardigan came undone and your shirt beneath is lacking and you are going victoria's secret in the martha stewart aisle...
i'll spare you a picture...
refer to #2 in the highlights section.
i'm caught up and i just have to say....

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thetwistedruffle said...

i missed your birthday? agh! you'll have to email it to me!

we still haven't jumped on the downton abbey train although i would like to!

but, the journal entry is the best.....that would totally be the highlight of my day!!

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