Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Mom Of The Year Trophy Needs Dusting...

We just got back from a beautifully relaxing trip to our family cabin for 3 nights.
It was glorious as always.
because somehow, even when the kids are whining in the back of the van because mom and dad want to drive for 2 hours up into God's country on the mountain tops, you can just kind of ignore your children and escape in such beauty.
It's what good moms do.
It was a last minute trip we weren't expecting to be blessed by, so a few things were forgotten.
like my 7 year old's SHOES.
as in, he wore no shoes and took no shoes.
anyone who knows us in real life is not shocked by the fact that my brilliant 7 year old often leaves the house forgetting certain necessities.  he is truly brilliant...he's just absent-minded.
So, it also probably wouldn't surprise many to know that my oldest 'planner' child took three pairs of shoes for a 3 day trip.
therefore, child 3 wore child one's way too big flip flops the entire trip.
because I'm super mom.
I also forgot my camera.
you can see pictures of last month's cabin trip here.
pretty much the same.
just picture monkey 3 without shoes. ;)
since I'm on a roll with my 3rd child, let me share what he said at breakfast Sunday morning.
me: " C, are you going to eat your yoke?"
C: " I only eat yolks on Wednesdays and Fridays.  This is Sunday, so, no."
my word the kid comes up with some good ones.
enjoy your week, I'm off to polish my trophy now.


cestMoi Sandy said...

Hi Mandy,

Sounds like you made Memories on your trip and the time spent at the cabin.

Love the forgetting shoes part.


P.s. wouldn't our life be boring if it was just perfect?


cestMoi Sandy said...

Hey Girl,
Have you just started schooling?
If you are...
Have wonderful 13-14 classes!
Till soon!

Oh, that Kyoko you liked for your 9 year old runs up to a size 7!
It runs big though.
Sent you an e-mail a couple days ago.



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