Monday, May 12, 2014

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back!

somehow, blogger had kicked me out of here, I even started a new blog though I never actually wrote there.  
Today, after months of having given up, I tried again.
Blogger let me in!  So, I now have access to my blog and will start posting again soon.


Alicia said...

what in the world?!?!? why were you locked out?? you're the second person in two days with blog horror stories. makes me scared! glad you're back in though!!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hey Mandy! Just saw you at the Parisiene Farmgirl on the "Little Mamma" birth story.
Wasn't that wonderful?

Glad you are back in on blog land.
I on the other hand also have not blogged for 5 months now.
I am thinking about starting a new blog/website.
Not sure...
Maybe you will inspire me to get back up and start... :) till soon.


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