Thursday, March 25, 2010


Life seems to happen so fast it makes it difficult to blog regularly.   Heck it makes it difficult to get dressed on a daily basis.   Well I mean I'm clothed of course.  Just not for company beyond a homeless person.


Wed. we took a jot down to Ashland to visit Aunt Sandie and go to Science works.

in the bubble!
That's about as exciting as our Spring Break has gotten.
  The most exciting thing for me though was Monkey 4 sleeping through the night!!!!!!
He'll be two in a couple weeks.  Pathetic. All my kids have been pretty ridiculous, not sleeping throught the night for forever.  A light is now seen at the end of the tunnel and oh does my soul rejoice.  Those who sleep fairly normal or wake up once wouldn't get the magnitude of not sleeping for about 9 yrs straight!!
Anyways, the weaning is now seriously underway...I've kinda lost all sympathy to the screaming ( kinda).  He gets pretty ticked off when I tell him no but it makes it soooo much easier than the hurt tears do.

  On another note: I recently made a  "30 things to do before I'm 30" scrapbook page and once I get my stinking scanner running ( and no it's not rocks or cereal...I don't think) I plan on occasionally sharing scrapbook layouts. 

God Bless,

momism:  if you've ever used the restroom in public or someone elses home and forgotten to shut the door out of habit you are probably a mother.

Because all us moms know that shutting the door won't keep them out!!!

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Chesney said...

looks like fun!!! yeah kayden rarely ever sleeps through the night either. hes usually up multiple times.

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