Monday, June 14, 2010

My Monkey and another Monkey that needs Prayers...

Okay...the final Game of the Season. 
I stepped it up and managed to get a  few shots.
It was a fun year, a hard year and a growing year.
His first time in minors, which means kids pitching.
Outs and real rules.
Makes the game more difficult and more fun.
I think he really enjoyed it despite some melt downs feeling like he was the only one not familiar with how the game is played.
(He wasn't).
He played mostly short stop but was able to pitch at about 5 games and really loved that.  I think that's what he wants to aim for doing is being pitcher.
I am so proud of him.
He had a fantastic coaching team and an extremely wonderful group of parents to be around.
I think this keeps my grandpa going in life, to watch this lil guy play ball.
My Grandpa has never in my life been as conversational as he has since he became convinced this monkey may finally get our family into the pro ball circle ;).  Hey, you never know.

On a sadder note, and why I don't feel my usual sarcastic silly self in this blog is another Monkey who has been in my heart and prayers.

This Little boy has been missing for 11 days now, disappeared right out of his elementary school.
My monkeys are safe at home while this sweet boy is somewhere out there.
Please take a minute from your day and say a prayer for Kyron.
Say a thank you for your own little loveys and that they are safe and will continue to be.
There are SO many missing children in this world who need to be found, please keep this in mind and say a prayer for what YOU can do about it.
Keep your eyes open, especially you in the NW.  You never know.

We know that YOU know where Kyron is.
We know that Your heart breaks for the evil done on this Earth, especially when Your children are harmed.
We pray Your shield of protection around Kyron and his family.
We pray that You bring the perpetrator into the light and make their whereabouts known TODAY Jesus.
Wrap that little One in Your Almighty Arms until he is safe with his family or safe with You God.
In Jesus Name,

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