Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Slacker Mama and Ode to Target

So Monkey 1's baseball season is just about over.
One game tonight, one on Sat.
You might assume since I'm a *photographer*
a scrapbooker
and a MOM for crying out loud

that I would have taken dozens of pictures.

Well now, you know what they say about assuming...

Tonight, I pledge to take pictures at the game.
Should I fail in this endeavour I will walk to the pitcher's mound while the other mama's yell horrible things at me
(am I the only one picturing Princess Bride and the scary old lady yelling 'boooo, boooo'? Oh I am?  Okay then nevermind).

And on another note: this probably will not be my last ever Ode to Target post-fair warning.
Because Target is the bestest.
For years (10 to be exact), I have been trying to kill my husband.
At least that's what he says.
How you may ask?
Apparently by the noxious fumes I impose on him with my lotions and perfumes.
Please note that I am not one of those people who pours half a bottle of nasty stuff on and you can smell them a mile away. Like Exclamation.  PLEASE don't come near me wearing that stuff.
I'm more of a coco butter lotion and light spray from bath and body kinda girl.
But no matter what I wear Honey thinks it's too much.

Until now.
Thank you Target.
Thank you 13.99 price tag.
Thank you cute little Soap & Glory Brand for making me want you with all your vintagey goodness.
I really wanted the cute little make-up bag with the retro girls on it but didn't need a make-up bag ( Because let's face it I'm not quite in the jet-set traveling group.  I don't think wal-mart counts as travel).
And 24.99 seemed steep for a make-up bag I didn't need for a drive to wal-mart.
Enter the spray.
Mist You Madly.
That's what it's called.
And my Honey LOVES it.
Marriage saved.
Murder diverted.
And I love you Target and Soap and Glory.

God Bless,

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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I wonder if anyone still wears Exclamation. I bet if they do, they are also playing Debbie Gibson on their tape deck! Ha!


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