Thursday, September 15, 2011

let's talk music...

i have no musical talent.
i had wanted piano lessons once upon a time.
now it would seem like just another thing on the 'to-do' list that never gets all done.

but i love me some good music.
and, surprise, surprise, my choices are random.
most of the time in the car, i'm tuned into the contemporary christian.
my favorites there include third day (because mac powell is awesome), casting crowns, mercy me, jeremy camp, todd agnew, and matt maher.
  but then i also love the edgier ones.
skillet, thousand foot krutch.

but then i'll turn to country.
where i think that gary allen has the sexiest voice in the entire world.
but i also love zac brown band,
dierks and billy currington, lady a, and little big town.
and then the classics, like good ol mr.strait and john michael.
throw in some brooks and dunn,
and we're calling it good.

fly me to the moon please.
the rat pack,
any of em.
and ella.

and the beach boys.
that fit into none of my categories.

and there will always, ALWAYS  people, be a place in my heart for  bryan adams.
why is he still not popular??!!!

as far as current 'cool' music,
i love 3 doors down, lifehouse, coldplay, daughtry, creed.

and then there is my
which includes nirvana,
and all those naughty bands that sing of totaly yuckiness and yet they sound so cool.

speaking of which, can we please pray for a conversion to the faith for nickelback?
whom i adore but loathe all at once.
i mean really.
God gave you the talent, use it properly.

bon jovi.

and i love the bag pipes
but my favorite group ever?
(are you drumrolling?
you should totally be drum rolling)


if you haven't heard these guys.
they are musically amazingly, lyrically intelligent,
and just all out studs.
for the first time in my life i want a band t shirt.
i've listened to
about 200 times in a row.
not sick of it yet.

what don't i like?
ANY AND ALL hip hop.
and rap.
(unless it's the french prince of bel aire of course.)
and if you didn't notice?
i'm not into female singers.
i have NO idea why this is.
it dawned on me about 2 years ago that none of my go to music is done by females.
(lady a has a man ya'll)
i'm bizarre, i know.

so all this to say.
i'm totally random.

where would you classify me in the music genre?
what about yourself?


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